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With a lifelong love of cooking and eating, Rabbi Adam Gindea entered a competitive cholent (traditional Shabbat stew, slow simmered over night) cooking contest as a fundraiser for Masbia ( Although his cholent had been praised for many years by family and friends, looking around the cooking studio at the friendly, yet serious crowd of hasidim and culinary professionals, Adam’s heart dropped as he thought of how disappointed all of his backers would be when he came in last place. The competition was fierce with a two day cooking frenzy to determine the best cholent. The first day was a rush for the ingredients and assembling of the delicacy followed by an uneasy calm as all the competitors waited for day two; the tasting...

Adam Cholent

Adam was nervous at first, but thinking he did not stand any chance at all, decided to enjoy the second day of tasting and gathering around the 16 crock pots of the heavenly smelling, ambrosia-like dish. As the tasting commenced, the judges contemplated and discussed each and every one of the numerous cholents. While the judges were tasting, so were the competitors. Each one was more delicious than the next. Different spices, meats, and ingredients in every one; who knew there could be so many flavors of cholent? Just before everyone had had their full of cholent, the judges announced the winner. Amazingly, Adam’s cholent won! Of all the professionals, cholent enthusiasts, and teams of European Jewish food experts, the winner was the lone rabbi from West Orange New Jersey

After an amazing journey through the world of NJ food trucking, the famous Chosen Cholent and Smokehouse BBQ trailer, has moved down to Miami! When Adam and his wife Jessie moved down to run Base Miami, the whole operation moved down to join them. Now Adam's Rib and Stuff is up and running in the Miami community. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know of where you can get the award winning cholent and BBQ


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